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Bruce Cote was very helpful and I believe he is the reason for my fast sale.   

Dahan was very patient in explaining the home buying process to a couple that had never purchased a home before. I have a feeling that without Dahan, the dream of owning a home would not come true. Our

“The website and pictures were great.”

Martha Lange - Responsive, attentive, realistic, honest.

I served as the Power of Attorney for my mother who is Executor of our Family Trust account, so this sale was a bit more complicated than previous real estate transactions I have experienced. I was glad that I had

“Century 21 agent Danelle Birong, was awesome, she is young and relatively new to the field, but she showed great expertise and professionalism at being our buyers agent. I would to especially commend her communication skills both in person and in writing, as well as the [...]

Lori was fantastic as always. Lori is a professional. She listens and doesn't over react. This sale was one the most positive sales experiences we have had.

  “Lori was excellent throughout our process - above & beyond!   Great experience all the way.”  

Filomena listed our home at a difficult real estate time, she made a drone video of the property and home which proved to be the reason the home sold. The home was one of the highest priced homes in Northfield and she me [...]

After our house being on the market for 3 days we had an offer! It was under contract in 6! It really almost seemed to good to be true especially for December in Vermont...

I was very impressed by the patience and understanding that Lori showed. One of the sellers, there are 5,was not really very cooperative, but Lori stuck by us. I don't know that many realtors would have done [...]

Lynn Jackson Group

I was put in touch with Liz through USAA's Mover's Advantage program. Liz reached out to me to set up an appointment to go over what I was looking for in my first home, and she set me up with a list of condos that

I feel very lucky to be able to work with Warren Palm. He has helped me sell two homes in the Burlington, VT market.. The first one was very specialized and required a lot of extra attention and time as well as market

Bruce Cote helped me purchase my first house in Vermont. He was very helpful then so when we started looking again, I asked for his help. I appreciate his relaxed approach, his knowledge and guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone [...]

Great support with a sincere recommend  

Dahan is an excellent agent, very honest, helpful, knowledgeable and all around AWESOME!!! I would recommend him to anyone. I am very pleased to have had him for my agent. He went above and beyond his job title to help me out with [...]

"Mandi was always on top of things and professional. This was the 'Smoothest' deal ever."

I can't say enough great things about Craig! We were very fortunate that he was available to guide us through this process. Craig was so helpful to us, he made the home buying process less intimidating as [...]


Filomena was amazing! She helped us find a great affordable place right here in Waterbury. Our process was difficult with a 203k loan but she was encouraging and positive the entire time. I am amazed at how much knowledge Filomene had [...]

  “We were out of town sellers and Lindsay really went above and beyond for us, dealing with so many issues throughout the sale process. Thank you!” 

 Danelle was great, she stayed on top of all of the many complications that came up in our closing . She stayed in touch and jumped on every issue, often taking on more than was necessary to make us feel comfortable moving forward.

"Lynn is a great negotiator and always gets to the finish line."

I believe Bruce fully understood my needs. I hired him, because (unlike other agents), he answered the phone when I called.

Hands-down the best real estate professional that I've dealt with in over 25 years and I have bought and sold numerous properties.  Kara did a great job. 

“Our agent was with us every step of the way. Our move was complicated with an out of state transfer. We also had legal title complications with the first house we offered on and needed to withdraw from the purchase. We felt that she was our adviser and partner with our best interests as a priority. She is a very personable and caring agent and we would enthusiastically recommend her to others.”& [...]

We thought Bruce Cote did an amazing job. We were well informed, but never overwhelmed.  

"Lisa did a great job of marketing the property."

"Lori Pinard is the best...I think this make transaction #3 for us with Lori. Always on top of her game."

  Lisa Meyer was great to work with; I found her to be professional and knowledgable in all the areas I had expected an agent to be. Most importantly, she was active through every step of the process and kept me informed and on track.

"Mandi was a fantastic help, and a great resource! I will definitely recommend her to anyone that I hear is buying a house.”

We would highly recommend Lori Holt to anyone interested in selling or buying a property in the Central Vermont area. She is knowledgeable, supportive, responsive to all questions and concerns and extremely honest i [...]

Martha was very diligent and definately was on my team throughout the whole process. She answered any questions that were posed and worked to get me the best possible price, as well as making sure any issues were dealt with. She is an asset to your company!

I was dealing from Connecticut and had little knowledge of the Waterbury area. After two phone conversations with Lisa, I felt secure I was dealing with someone with a great deal of local knowledge and someone with a high level of [...]

"I have bought many investment properties with Chuck's help over the years. He is very enjoyable to work with on a personal level, and very accomplished on the professional level. His father was in the business before him, and he is from the Burlington area originally, so his knowledge of the area and of the business is tremendous. He is definitely the best investment property broker in the area, but he does single family as well. I [...]

This was all new to me and she was very patient and listened to what I wanted and she was always available to take my calls.  

Loved her!!! Sonia knew I was looking for something unique and made sure that we balanced budget with the wishlist I had for my first house. She was so patient in walking me through all the details of the process,

No nonsense, gets right to the point and gets it done!  

 “Fran was great!” 

VT Home Buyer Info

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Moving Checklist

Two Months Prior to Moving Day

  • Get estimates from moving companies if you will use a mover.
  • Get costs from at least two truck rental companies if you will move yourself.
  • Create a floor plan of your new home for furniture and appliance placement.
  • Make an inventory of your household goods and begin to remove clutter (start with the basement, attic, garage, and other storage areas).
  • Start a file for all your moving paperwork (estimates, receipts, etc.).
  • Arrange to transfer school records.
  • Choose a mover or truck rental company.

Six Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Obtain and fill out post office change-of-address cards.
  • Subscribe to the paper in your new hometown to learn more about your new community.
  • Make arrangements for storage if necessary.
  • Ask your doctor or health plan for referrals and obtain all medical records.
  • Have antiques, pieces of art, and other valuables appraised.
  • Clean all closets and drawers.
  • Start using foods and cleaning supplies that cannot be moved.

Four Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Contact all utilities for service disconnection at your old home and connection at your new home. Be sure disconnect is the day after you leave and connection is the day before you arrive.
  • If you are moving yourself, reserve a rental truck.
  • If you are packing yourself, obtain packing materials and start packing items you won't need until after you arrive at the new house.
  • Arrange for cleaning and repair of furniture, drapes, and carpeting.
  • Arrange for special transportation of your pets and plants if necessary.
  • Check with your insurance company to see how your possessions are covered during transit.
  • Make any travel plans necessary for your move.
  • Check to see if you need any moving permits.
  • Plan your moving sale.

Three Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Dispose of items that cannot be moved, such as inflammable liquids.
  • Prepare auto registration for transfer (if moving to another state).
  • If you are moving in or out of an apartment, arrange for use of the elevator.
  • Make child-care arrangements for moving day.
  • Hold your moving sale.

Two Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Arrange for disposal of anything not sold at your moving sale.
  • Return any borrowed items (including library books) and retrieve any loaned items.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery.
  • Notify any creditors of your move.
  • Transfer prescriptions and be sure you have an adequate supply of medications on hand.
  • Assemble a file folder of information to leave for the new owner of your home.

Two to Three Days Prior to Moving Day

  • Transfer your bank accounts.
  • Take animals to vet for immunization if necessary.
  • Close your safe-deposit box.
  • Settle any bills with local businesses.
  • Drain power equipment of oil and gas.
  • Drain water hoses.
  • Find new homes for plants that will not be moved.
  • Confirm any travel reservations.

One Day Prior to Moving Day

  • Drain your waterbed.
  • Defrost refrigerator and freezer, propping doors open.
  • Let movers pack your belongings (unless it's a do-it-yourself move).
  • Disconnect and prepare major appliances for move.
  • Set aside anything that will travel in your car so it will not be loaded on the truck.
  • Pack a box of items that will be needed first at the new house. Clearly mark this box "Load Last."
  • Obtain cash or traveler's checks for the trip and pay the movers.
  • Confirm arrival time of your moving van.
  • If moving yourself, dismantle beds and other large furniture.

Moving Day

  • If using a mover, be sure someone is at the old house to answer questions.
  • Note all utility meter readings.
  • Read your bill of lading and inventory carefully before signing. Keep this paperwork in a safe place.

Delivery Day

  • Again, be on hand to answer any questions.
  • Check your belongings carefully and note on the inventory any damaged items.
  • On an interstate move, be prepared to pay the driver before your possessions are unloaded.
  • Supervise unloading and unpacking.
  • Be prepared to pay your mover with cash, certified check, or traveler's checks unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

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Find Your Dream Home - From Your Cell Phone

Search for real estate from any cell phone

CENTURY 21 Jack Associates is now providing consumers a mobile real estate search tool that makes it possible to search all local property listings from their mobile device. With our new mobile application interested home buyers can be in any neighborhood and view detailed property information at the touch of a button. The GPS technology in the mobile phone, locates users and pulls up addresses and information on listings in their immediate area. Consumers can also search by address, community name, city or zip code.

The “Call” feature within the mobile application will connect users to CENTURY 21 Jack Associates if they have questions or want to schedule a tour of the property.

You can access our mobile real estate search on your cell phone here at C21Jack.com.  Start searching today.

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Financing Basics

Determine What You Can Afford

Each buyer is unique - and we'll help you find out just what you can afford. Your income and your debts will typically play the biggest roles in determining your price range. It's simple to make an estimate, just run the numbers for yourself using our affordability calculator.

Figure Out Your Funding

A range of mortgage options are available, and we'll help you determine which can work for you - some loans require little money down. You'll also need to consider closing costs and the escrow account for taxes and insurance. But don't get overwhelmed: it's a snap to figure out how much money you'll need using the affordability calculator.

Less-Than-Perfect Credit Report?

Don't worry, there are options that are ideal for those who have a few "dings" on their credit report. Work with your lender to develop an individual mortgage program based on your unique credit worthiness.

Tax Benefits

You may be able to deduct the interest you pay on the mortgage loan and some of the financing costs of the home, such as points. And your property taxes could be deductible. You should consult your tax advisor for more information.

Loan Programs

Finding the best loan program for your needs depends on a number of factors, including:

  • How long you'll stay in the home
  • How much money you'll put down
  • How you'll finance the closing costs

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

A fixed-rate mortgage means the interest rate and principal payments remain the same for the entire life of the loan. (Taxes, of course, may change.)

Advantages include consistent principal and interest payments make this loan stable your rate won't change, so you don't need to worry about market fluctuations. A good choice if you're likely to stay in this house for a long time.

Disadvantages include a possibly higher cost - these loans are usually priced higher than an adjustable-rate mortgage. Keep in mind that, on average, most people move or refinance within seven years. If rates in the current market are high, you're likely to get a better price with an adjustable-rate loan.

30 Year Fixed - Rate Mortgages offer consistent monthly payments for the entire 30 years you have the mortgage. So if the market is good, you can benefit from locking in a lower rate for the full term of the loan. The best choice if you're looking for a long-term, stable loan - for instance, if you're planning on staying in your house for some time.

20 Year Fixed - Rate Mortgages allow you to make a consistent monthly payment throughout the 20 years you have the mortgage. The shorter term means you pay the loan off more quickly, and therefore pay less interest. And you'll build equity faster than you would with a 30 year loan. (But remember the shorter term means higher payments, when compared to the 30 year fixed-rate mortgage.)

15 Year Fixed - Rate Mortgages mean consistent monthly payments for all 15 years you have the mortgage. By building equity even more quickly than with a 30 year or 20 year loan, and paying less interest, you'll save money in the long run. It's an ideal option if you can handle the higher payments and if you'd like to have the loan paid off in a shorter period of time - for instance, if you plan to retire.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) means that the interest rate changes over the life of the loan - according to the terms specified in advance. With ARMs:

  • The initial interest rate is usually lower than with a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • The monthly repayment would also be lower.
  • The interest rate may be adjusted (up or down) at predetermined times.
  • The monthly payment will then increase or decrease.

Most ARM programs do offer "rate cap" protection, which limits the amount the rate can be increased, both each year and over the life of the loan. All ARMs are amortized over 30 years.

Advantages include lower costs - ARMs are usually priced lower than fixed-rate mortgages so you can increase your buying power and lower your initial monthly payments. If interest rates go down, you'll enjoy lower payments. Usually an ARM is the best choice for homeowners who plan to relocate (for example, with their company or the military), or for those who are purchasing their first home and plan to be in the property only for three to five years. Remember that, on average, most people move or refinance within seven years.

Disadvantages include the possibility of increasing monthly payments if interest rates go up. Keep in mind that ARMs are best for homeowners who aren't planning on staying with a property for a long period. If you're on a fixed income, an ARM (especially a short-term ARM) may not be your best choice.

10/1 Adjustable - Rate Mortgages provide a fixed initial rate of the loan for the first ten years of repayment. After 10 years, the rate adjusts every year thereafter for the remaining life of the loan. The loan is amortized over 30 years, so you'll enjoy the stability of a 30 year mortgage at a lower price than a fixed-rate mortgage of the same term. But an ARM is likely not the best choice if you're planning on owning the same property for more than 10 years.

5/1 Adjustable - Rate Mortgages mean the initial rate remains fixed for the first five years of repayment, and then adjusts every year thereafter. Remember that your rate and monthly payments may go up after only five years, so this choice is best if you're expecting to sell or refinance the property within that period.

3/1 Adjustable - Rate Mortgages provide three years at the initial fixed-rate, then the rate adjusts every year for the remaining life of the loan. A good choice if you expect to move or refinance in a relatively short period of time. But a much shorter fixed-rate period means your interest rate (and therefore monthly payments) may begin to fluctuate after three years.

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Our Rental Services

Our Current In-House Rentals

Download a Rental Application

Rental Services

Our rental department specializes in single family home and condo rentals. We can help with interim housing and we also provide property management services for local property owners.  To hear a list of our currently available in-house rentals call 802-951-2144

To speak with a rental representative contact us at 658-5555 or 800-637-6341

Lisa Svendsen : 802-951-2131 or LisaSvendsen@c21jack.com

Rental Tours

We provide area tours for corporate and private clients who are unfamiliar with the area. Our agents are local experts and will educate you on points of interest and amenities in your new location. To arrange a rental tour contact:

Nicole Russell at 800-637-6341 or NicoleRussell@C21Jack.com

Owners' Services - Rentals

We provide both rental and property management services so whether you just want us to find you a tenant or manage your property, we can help.

Our Owners' Services include:

  • Helping you determine the best rental price
  • Providing information on rental rules and regulations
  • Marketing of your rental property via internet, print media and our rental hot line
  • Showing your property to prospective tenants
  • Obtaining rental applications and credit references from prospective tenants
  • Preparation and execution of lease agreement
  • Arranging for utility transfers
  • Rent collection
  • Bill payment
  • Move in and move out inspections

Our memberships in the CBCInnovis Credit Bureau and the Vermont Apartment Owner's Association along with our commitment to continuing education, keep us up to date on credit policies, rental laws, and policies and procedures that enable us to provide you with great service. Our association with relocation networks and corporate clients give us access to transferees who are looking for immediate rental opportunities. Whatever you need, call us today!

Owners' Services - Purchase or Sale

We have several agents who specialize in marketing and selling single family and multi-unit investment properties and we sell more of these properties than any other local real estate agency. If you are interested in buying or selling an investment property, call us today!

Download a Rental Application

Our Current In-House Rentals

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Special Offers

Check out these special offers from the Century 21 Business Benefits program. These offers can save you money before, during and after your move.   

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Vermont Foreclosure Resources

CENTURY 21 Jack Associates is Vermont's #1 resource for foreclosures.

We specialize in the sales, management and acquisition of bank owned properties throughout the state. We offer a full-time property management department, Realtors who specialize in short sales, and resources to help you avoid foreclosure.

If you are a consumer looking to purchase, a mortgagor facing default, or a Bank or Asset Manager, call Maren Vasatka toll-free at 800-637-6341 or email us. We can get you where you need to go.

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Buyer Service Pledge

As an independently owned and operated CENTURY 21 office, we are dedicated to providing you with service that is professional, courteous and responsive in helping you find a property.

To fulfill this commitment, we agree to provide you with the following services:

  • Dedicate myself to make the process of buying your next home as easy and as successful as possible.
  • Respect you, your needs and be honest and forthright.
  • Hold your best interests in the highest regard throughout the process.
  • Value and respect your time, being as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Understand your needs and respond quickly.
  • Consult with you to determine your particular real estate wants and needs.
  • Use my base of experience, knowledge, tools and the most up-to-date training to best serve you.
  • Explain each step of the process and act as a guide to help you make most informed decisions.
  • Disclose material facts known about the property and respond to questions concerning the property.
  • Help determine your purchasing power, while explaining alternative methods of purchasing and/or financing.
  • Provide an action plan for locating the right property, at the right price and terms, in an acceptable time frame.
  • To the best of my ability, continuously show you new properties that fit your needs.
  • Provide a Customized Home Search Plan for locating the right property for you, only showing you properties that will best meet your needs and in accordance with Fair Housing regulations and ethical real estate practices.
  • Use the most comprehensive database of listings in the area, to help you find the home that best meets your needs, whether that be the Multiple Listing Service and/or other methods.
  • Provide the resources of Century21.com that offers thousands of listings, allowing you to easily review homes that are right for you, access in-depth information on neighborhoods, and additional information.
  • Use my knowledge and expertise to promote the most valuable purchase on your behalf. I will assist you in evaluating the market value of properties that are of interest to you and help you obtain the most advantageous price and terms.
  • Provide access to financing that meets your needs, at the lowest possible rates available to you.
  • Advise and assist you in completing your purchase agreement, and present your offer with integrity in a light most favorable to your needs.
  • Upon acceptance of an offer by you, pre-settlement (escrow) activities throughout the closing process will be monitored as permitted by law and local practice.
  • Office to provide you with information regarding other professionals (e.g. attorneys, accountants, inspectors, contractors) that may assist you during and after your move.
  • Utilize the CENTURY 21 System of thousands of offices to provide you with the name of an office in the area of your new home, to assist you further.

As a prospective purchaser of real estate, you should be aware that cooperating ("selling") brokers and sales associates can work for you as your agent, in which case they represent you and owe you the fiduciary duties of loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, diligence and care; or with you as a subagent (unless prohibited by law) of the listing broker, in which case they present the seller and the fiduciary duties are owed to the seller; or with you as facilitators (as permitted by law) representing neither party to the transaction; or in such other brokerage relationship as may be permitted by law. In any case, as real estate licensees, we are at all times obligated to treat you honestly and fairly, and in most states (and provinces), inform you of our particular representation status. In the event we do not represent (work for) you in the transaction, should you feel it necessary or desirable, you can obtain representation from a lawyer or another real estate broker or both.

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All About Financing

Financing Basics

Determine What You Can Afford

Each buyer is unique - and we'll help you find out just what you can afford. Your income and your debts will typically play the biggest roles in determining your price range. It's simple to make an estimate, just run the numbers for yourself using our affordability calculator. Read More

Get Pre Approved

Mortgages Tamed  - Century 21 Mortgage

Tools for Financing

Vermont Housing Financing Agency

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Buying Basics

Step 1: Defining What You Want

Start by creating a prioritized list of features you want in your next home and the reasons why. Use it as your search guide, but remember that depending on your funding, you will probably need to make some compromises. In addition, talk to your real estate professional about where you want to live. Location is a huge part of any move. CENTURY 21 Jack Associates professionals are trained to help their clients narrow down their choices by sharing market trends and local information like neighborhood statistics and community links.

Step 2: Figuring Out What You Can Afford

Now that you know what you want, it's time to see what you can afford. You can start by crunching the numbers yourself using our selection of calculators.

When you're ready to move to the next step, you can get pre-approved for a mortgage. This process can often be performed in under an hour and it accomplishes two important goals. First, it will tell you how much house you can afford and what your monthly payments would be. Second, it tells the seller that you can afford to buy their home.

By definition, a pre-approved buyer has an approved mortgage subject to an appraisal of the property. Many times a buyer can use this pre-approved status as leverage during the negotiation process.

Step 3: Shopping For Homes

Once you know what community you'd like to live in and have an idea of how much house you can afford, its time to start checking out actual properties. Beginning this search online can help save you time since it can help you target homes that meet your search criteria. Our home notifier can even email you when properties come on the market that meet your search criteria.

Next, begin visiting homes in person. Ask your local real estate professional to arrange visits and attend open houses that are in your target area and price range. When comparing homes, make sure to look at all aspects of the property. Is the property tax approximately the same? Are both the houses renovated? Do they both have the same amount of bedrooms and bathrooms? Are both houses located on the same or similar streets? Does either house have any encumbrances?

Remember to keep an open mind when you are looking at homes. Use a virtual home planner to help you imagine what the house could become with you as the owner.

Step 4: Making An Offer

Once you find the home you want, you need to make an offer for the house. Typically this is a very difficult and trying time since both parties have totally different goals. In most cases it is better to have a third party, such as a real estate professional, negotiate the offer. If you have any personal interaction with the homeowner, don't give out any information about your move, your current housing status, financial status or your feelings about their property - positive or negative. This could hurt you in future negotiations. This might also be a good time to consider purchasing a home protection plan. These insurance policies can be purchased by the buyer or seller and help protect against unexpected costs or home repairs during the listing period or in the initial years after a home has been purchased.

Step 5: Inspection & Insurance

After your offer is accepted you will need to set up, coordinate and interpret various inspections, including insect, radon, building quality, oil tank, title, etc. You will also need to arrange for homeowners insurance and finalize the mortgage.

This is a major step in the buying process and there are many potential problems that can be discovered during this period. These include a leaky roof, radon gas, termite damage, a foundation problem, and wall cracks, to name a few. These problems happen all the time. The difference between closing on your dream home and starting the process all over again is what occurs during the negotiations between you and the seller.

Your CENTURY 21 Jack Associates real estate agent can help make these discussions go more smoothly. In most states you will also have the option of a "walk through" before the closing. This is your last chance to make sure that all of the items that you have agreed upon were completed to your satisfaction.

Step 6: The Final Closing

Before you arrive at the closing, make sure all the necessary paper work and deposits have been completed. If the mortgage, title work, homeowners insurance and other items necessary under local and state laws are not completed and brought to the closing table, the closing may not happen on time. And, depending on what the contract says, this could result in further action including financial penalties and even the loss of your rights to the home.

Once you close, it's official - you own the house! But there might be a few things you want to do before you lay out the welcome mat. These include arranging for an alarm system, turning on the electricity, subscribing to the local paper, cleaning or replacing the carpet, arranging for lawn services, etc. This could also be a good time to make some needed renovations.

Be sure to turn to your CENTURY 21 Jack Associates for guidance and information about many money-saving offers available to customers.

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