Charlotte, Vermont

Charlotte is situated in Vermonts Champlain Valley with a series of hills and ridges overlooking the great Lake Champlain.  Charlotte, hosts a large network of working farms and forests that are flourishing from the productive Champlain Valley soils. 

Sugarbushes, orchards, dairies, berry farms, a winery, market gardens, livestock operations, honey houses, grain and community supported agriculture are just some of Charlotte's flourishing enterprises.  These lands also include community trails, Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge, and the famous Mt. Philo State Park all halfway between Middlebury and Burlington, Vermont.

The town of Charlotte offers numerous recreational facilities and various recreational programs for both adults and school-age children. Charlotte has a very active Senior Center. 

Ferry service between Charlotte and Essex, NY is provided by the Lake Champlain Transportation Company. Most years, the ice-breaking ferries provide year round service between Charlotte and Essex, NY.