Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I was very impressed by the patience and understanding that Lori showed. One of the sellers, there are 5,was not really very cooperative, but Lori stuck by us.

I don't know that many realtors would have done this.

Lori was fantastic as always.

Lori is a professional. She listens and doesn't over react.

This sale was one the most positive sales experiences we have had.

Filomena listed our home at a difficult real estate time, she made a drone video of the property and home which proved to be the reason the home sold. The home was one of the highest priced homes in Northfield and she met the challenge.

My home buying process started last year. The realtor I was using was unavailable to show me a home I

wanted to look at. Century 21 was the listing company on the house, and Armand came over to show it to

me. I ended up stopping looking for the winter, but Armand had impressed me, so when I started again early

this spring, I asked Armand to rep me.

My process in buying a home was fairly complicated, I had a more difficult than normal time getting my

mortgage accepted. Armand was with me all the way, offering guidance and helping me interpret the

information I was given. Armand helped me negotiate several different conditions on our purchase

agreement successfully. He also helped me negotiate a home that was out of my price range, back down

into a range I could comfortably afford.

I would recommend Armand to any new home buyer. He understands the process and understands how to

communicate it to someone with little experience.


Loved her!!! Sonia knew I was looking for something unique and made sure that we balanced budget with the

wishlist I had for my first house. She was so patient in walking me through all the details of the process,

which can be overwhelming, especially for a first time buyer! All-around great person to work with.


We found Sue Burdick to be a very competent and professional agent for Century 21 Jack Associates. She

was able to respond and answer our questions in a efficient and timely manner. A very, very helpful and

pleasant person. We would recommend the services of Jack Associates most heartily .


Throughout the entire process, Bruce made sure that he knew what we wanted (which changed a couple of

times). He always made sure that we understood the process and was happy to answer any questions we

had (there were many). We would and will gladly recommend Bruce to anyone we know who is looking to buy

a home.


It was very low stress working with Rob, because he was not aggressive, trying to offer new properties daily.

Rob understood our needs, was respectful of them, and allowed us to move through the process at our pace.

Simply put, Rob did not rush us into a home just to make a sale. Rob is a top notch person, and when it

came to making the biggest financial decision of our life thus far, it was comforting to have him on our side.


Great support with a sincere recommend


I was put in touch with Liz through USAA's Mover's Advantage program. Liz reached out to me to set up an

appointment to go over what I was looking for in my first home, and she set me up with a list of condos that

were for sales that was updated every day.

Whenever we'd go to look at a property, Liz was provide me with complete honesty as in her opinion and

whether or not she felt the place was right for me. Based on this feedback, it was clear to me that Liz was

more interested in finding the right place for my needs, rather than simply making a sale.

As a result, she helped me find the perfect first place which I've just moved into. I would recommend Liz to

anyone looking to buy because she takes the time to understand what you're looking for in a home. It's clear

that real estate is something she's passionate about, and that will result in a purchase decision that you'll be

happy with.

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